Jarvis & The Ministry

Right …i played a video of Jarvis & The Ministry i found … not sure why … however …. am i going to be the only person who actually really does not like them one bit … i mean put aside there lieing, song snatching!, arsey boys … there just … not .. that …good 0_0 

i know it seems mean to say it but there really not … not to mention before they were Jarvis & The Ministry they were call Empire and had a member call Joshua o gradey … every song they had as Jarvis & the ministry when they started was written by him and they gave no credit to him and lied

And i know its true because iv known Joshua for 15 years now and can garentee every fan and people even thinking of listening to there music that those songs are not there’s … 

not sure why im ranting … tumblr looks like a good place to let out my frustration